Sunday, May 29, 2011

How Does My Garden Grow? May Garden Update

The last time I did a garden update, I tried to remain upbeat. The truth of the matter was, it wasn't looking very pretty. Those rascally rodents really did a number on our garden.  What a difference a month makes!

We're very thankful that severe weather missed us for the most part. We did get buckets and buckets of rain - hence the flooding in the above picture. You can see there is standing water around the garden, but the raised beds have great drainage and our plants have done just fine. 

We've been up to our eyeballs in lettuce.

Mesclun, anyone?

My kids adore salad but even they have had their fill of leaf lettuce mix and romaine lettuce. No complaints from us adults! Lettuce is such a simple, rewarding crop to grow, not to mention economical. We bought a packet of All Star Gourmet Salad Mix for $3.95 and one of Winter Density romaine for $1.95. We have already harvested crops worth many times that value, particularly when you consider that it was grown organically.

We been enjoying some radishes along with our salads, too.

Everything else we've planted in our garden is sprouting and luxuriating in the return of sunny weather.

The east end of our garden. Hubby Dear made the tomato cages out of remesh wire and fastened them to T posts.

It's amazing to see how much the garden will change just within the course of several hours. Green beans and corn are popping up like crazy.

Strawberries are supposed to be here.

Just don't mention the strawberries, which have been a complete and total mystery. Mini-Me has a few healthy plants in her section of the kids' box, but ours are (literally) toast. We're still watering the crisp nubs that are left in the forlorn hope that something will sprout from the roots. I don't know what happened, but we'll try again next year, if necessary. 

How does your garden grow this month?


  1. My tomatoes are going nuts... ate all the radishes- hot as horseradish (french breakfast radishes)... 3 yellow squash got some sort of rot and the entire plant died.... blackberries never got black... salad was gorgeous and as it perfected, my chickens ate it.... tomatoes beautiful, hoping they turn red before something happens to them. Potatoes not sprouting. Son dumped 2 pkgs wildflowers in my herbs, so they're crowded but beautiful.

  2. Your garden looks great. I'm not having such great luck with lettuce and radishes, but I am getting some. Have you tried the radish tops in your salad? We ate some the other day--tasty!