Monday, January 9, 2012

Deal alert!

As posted by the Tattler Company on Facebook:

"‎40% OFF!  That's the deal TATTLER will be offering this Thursday, 1/12/2012 on !  This is a limited, one time offer of 100 Regular lids and 100 Wide Mouth lids bulk packed and shipped for $85.75!  Quantities are limited on this custom pack, so tell your friends and visit this Thursday 1/12."

I use Tattler canning lids and love the fact that I am able to use them over and over. You'd better believe I'll be jumping on this deal!


  1. This makes me crazy! I just ordered 250 wide and 250 regualr last month!!!!!!!!!

  2. to bad that its only a face book deal.

  3. Kids and Canning Jars - Ugh! I hate it when that happens.

    Tim - You don't have to have a Facebook account to take advantage of this deal. Simply go to on Thursday and it will be available for purchase.

  4. Thanks for the post.
    I almost missed this great deal! Keep prepping and check out I have been getting some really good deals there. We love the freeze dried meats and fruits. Their butter powder makes actual creamy and delicious spread for your home made bread.

  5. I got mine because of your post, I hope you get credit for that because is ten percent off your order for every one who buys it because you shared the deal. BTW Fastest sell out in HISTORY, TWICE!!!!

  6. Jane of all trades - Glad you were able to get some. That deal was too good to miss! :)