Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March 2012 in Review, Part IV: First Aid and April Preps

Whew! This is the final part of my March prepping review. The last thing I did last month was to start chipping away at our first aid preps.

First Aid

I've had a first aid plan for a while but I haven't done much to build up our stockpile.

Triangular bandages, gauze, surgical masks, Ace bandages, Burn Jel and Coflex

This is but a drop in the bucket but at least I got started!

With March finally out of the way, here's what I have in store for April: 

  1. Plant our apple trees and blueberries bushes. I'll post in-depth instructions on how to start off your plants right. There's a lot more to it than just plopping your trees in a hole. 
  2. Get some more stuff for the chickens. The wee beasties are getting larger and I need to get some more items to keep them healthy and happy. 
  3. BOB upgrade. I'll buy a few more items to upgrade and update our bug out bags. 
  4. Food Storage. If I have room  in the budget, I'd like to buy some more #10 cans of milk
  5. Inventory our First Aid stockpile. I need to get a better idea of just how much we already have.  

So that's me! How are you prepping this month?


  1. Ah, taking advantage of the early spring. Isn't it nice to feel like you are a little ahead once in a while?

    Our graden drainage issue looks like it will be fixed this week then April will be filled with (1) Refurbish old planting boxes, (2) build new boxes (3)planting strawberries and raspberries and other veggies.

    Also, got an All-American Pressure Canner for my birthday. I am equal parts thrilled and terrified.

    1. Anonymous - I'd love an All-American - what a great birthday present! Sounds like you'll be busy outdoors this month.

  2. 30 chickies coming on the 18th! Got a 3-gal waterer, 2 feed trays, and another bag of starter feed for them. Also that week we pick up the Great Pyrenees we got to protect them: no more (dramatically less?) dead chickens for us! Oh wait, forgot dog food for him.

    1. Mama4x - Enjoy those chickies! I'll be interested in hearing what you experience is with your new dog. I'd like to get a livestock guardian dog, but I'm waiting a bit and doing more research before I get one.