Thursday, July 22, 2010

Free Home Preservation Course!

I heard about this free online course on preserving on the Survival Blog. The National Center for Home Food Preservation, which is associated with the University of Georgia, is the source for information on safe canning and preservation methods. They have put together a course that according to their website covers: introduction to food preservation, general canning, canning acid foods and canning low-acid foods.

If you go here

you can register for the free class. It took them about three days to send me the login information and I'm all set to get started.

I'll post a review of the course once I've completed it.

PS I'm in love with the graphic I added to this post. My pressure canner is about 60 years old and this picture is in the instruction manual. I feel very June Cleaver when I use my canner. :)

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