Tuesday, July 27, 2010

YouTube Preppers

There's a ton of information on the Internet on survival-related topics. Type in "food storage" or "survival" on YouTube and you will find a wide variety of videos. Some are useful, some useless and some are filled with unreliable information.

I'd like to share a couple of YouTube channels that have information you can trust. In some ways they are polar opposites. Both, however, have good information and inspiration for the budding prepper.

The first is AnalyticalSurvival, which you can find here:


GM is ex-Special Forces and his videos cover very hardcore, masculine survival topics. Want to find out the best foods for a bug-out situation, learn how to maintain your shooting gear or create a medical trauma bag? This is your channel. GM has a talent for making complicated topics seem easy. His presentations are well-organized and chock full of info. GM approaches survival from a very military perspective, which for me is a bit intimidating. He also borders on OCD with his organization of his survival gear! You will learn a lot if you watch the videos on this channel.

The second YouTuber I would like to recommend is Michigansnowpony.


Renee describes herself as a homesteading prepper and her videos capture that life well. Her garden videos make me jealous! One day I hope my crops will be as abundant. She also covers small livestock and various prepping related topics. I learned how to can chicken from one of her videos and can't wait to try it out. Her demeanor is that of a knowledgable, friendly neighbor. She makes me feel like I can do what she does, too.

If you have any other favorite YouTube channels or prepping-related blogs and websites, please let me know!

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