Sunday, April 10, 2011

Way to Go, Emergency Essentials!

I've complained for months about preparedness companies plastering their boxes with gigantic logos. We're supposed to maintain a low profile, which is difficult if the Fed Ex man, UPS guy, and your mail carrier get an eyeful from your parade of boxes. I'm sure my delivery men think I'm a complete nut. I guess that's not too far from the truth! ;)

Well, I just placed a small order with Emergency Essentials and found that they now give you the option to have your order shipped in unmarked boxes. Simply type "unmarked boxes" in the comment box on the order form as you check out.

Way to go, Emergency Essentials! I hope many other companies follow their lead.


  1. Good to know! It bothers me too when all the boxes are labeled telling everyone you've ordered supplies. Thanks!

  2. I loved it (not) when I ordered some first aid stuff and the company saved money on buying shipping supplies (?) and sent my assortment of stuff in a box labeled "10 count 100 syringes" yikes!

  3. Great information! We'll be placing another order once we move to our new place and we'd rather not broadcast to all around our plans. =) Thanks!

    City Roots, Country Life