Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gettin' Romantic at Cabela's

Hubby Dear and I recently celebrated 13 years of wedded bliss. My in-laws provided us with babysitting so the Hubs and I enjoyed a kid-free weekend excursion to the big, big, city.

Who needs chocolate-covered strawberries and diamonds? Nothing says romance like a trip to Cabela's! Browsing the guns and ammo under the watchful eyes of taxidermied polar bears is sure to ignite marital passions. ;)

It wasn't the only place we visited on our trip, but Cabela's was a highlight to be sure. This is what I came home with:

A can of Mountain House Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Quik Clot Trauma Pak, SAM Splint, Firestarter, and rope

Mountain House #10 cans are still in short supply. There were plenty on hand at Cabela's, though, so I picked up one. They only carried about four or five varieties, but there were plenty of them.

I added the Quick Clot Trauma Pak and SAM splint to our first aid supplies. The Quick Clot Pak is good for large wounds - even some gunshots - and the SAM splint is reusable, which is a plus.

I've been wanting to get one of these firesteels I have refillable butane lighters, matches, and now this as my means to light fires. I'll definitely need to practice using it.

The rope was kind of a random purchase. It isn't heavy-duty, so I won't be using it to rappel down a mountain or anything. You can never have enough of it on hand, though, and since I bought it, it won't be lost in Hubby Dear's Man Land (aka the garage).

Anyone else have strange "dates" with your spouse since the preparedness bug hit?


  1. Hubby and I went to bass pro shop on our honeymoon this past July, does that count?

  2. Meredith - Sure it does! Double points because you went on your honeymoon. :)


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