Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Babies! And Where My Monthly Prepping Budget Disappeared To

Sweet young things are popping out all over.

Baby 'Tribute' strawberries

An Itsy Bitsy 'Montmorency' cherry

A tiny 'Jonafree' apple

'Earliblue' blueberries-to-be
The rest of the garden has started to pick up its growth, too.

The north half of the garden, May 22. Compare to just a week earlier here.  

South half. The pea gravel is all down, finally

Lettuce galore

'Sugar Sprint' pod pea flowers

I think we are going to finally have success growing broccoli!
The heads grow visibly bigger every day.

I know I haven't posted about much other than gardening-related topics recently. And my monthly prepping plan? That's largely gone, sad to say. The reason for that is this empty space on our homestead:

Hubby Dear won't have to mow this part of our lawn too much longer

I sacrificed my prepping budget to save up for a building project this fall. If all goes according to plan, we will construct a barn, complete with hay loft, a milking area, and a wing for my ever-expanding collection of poultry. That is the plan; we'll see how it matches up to reality. We are paying cash for this construction, so our budget will be the factor that determines how grand my poultry palace will be and how many new species of animals will make their way to our homestead.

My name is Emily and I have a problem. I am addicted to livestock.

I feel better just admitting that! ;)


  1. Hope all is well. Miss your posts.

    1. Yes, all is well. I am just spending my time doing other things besides blogging. :)