Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bug Out Bags to the Rescue in an Everyday Emergency

Baby Dear woke up at a quarter to 5 this morning. My eyelids behaved like they were fused together, but I managed to lumber out of bed, pad over to his crib, and take him to the living room. I didn't fancy having all the children awake that early, so I tried to be as stealthy as possible. We sank down into my favorite chair, I popped a bottle in his mouth and turned on the morning news. 

The first thing I see: a giant Similac recall. The very thing that Baby Dear was so eagerly sucking down could very well be infested with beetles.


I tried googling the lot numbers of recalled formula. All sites, including the FDA's, directed me to the Similac webpage. The Similac page wouldn't load, presumably overwhelmed by worried parents. Next, I tried calling their consumer hotline. There was a recorded message directing me to their non-functional website and then it hung up on me.

It appeared that I could possibly have several cans of the recalled formula, but I didn't panic. Thanks to our BOBs, Baby Dear did not have to go hungry or eat beetle larva. I had packed 3 days worth of Ready to Feed formula, which was not in the recall. This will give us time to sort out what's really going on.

(Yes, I'm well aware that if I was nursing Baby Dear, this would not be a problem at all. No one has recalled a breast before, unless you count defective implants! Breastfeeding is best choice from both the nutritional and preparedness standpoints. Unfortunately, that didn't work out for me this time around.)

Prepping is essential for the big emergencies, but it is also important for those that can happen every day. Score one for this prepared momma!  

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  1. I'm so sorry for the beetle scare ... but three cheers for you and your BOB bounty!