Thursday, September 30, 2010

Month Five Preps

This is what I've lined up for October:
  1. Squirrel away more cash for BOBs and vehicle kits.
  2. Buy a couple of cases of toilet paper. I estimate we need about 8 cases or so to have a year's supply, so this will get us a little closer to my goal.
  3. Add some more matches to my supply.
  4. Buy some air-tight containers for my pantry to hold what I take from my bulk food storage (ie. flour, sugar, dry beans).
  5. Continue to build our three month and long-term supplies of food. 
  6. Exercise at least three times per week.
I continue to go back and forth on exactly what I should be buying each month. This month I gave in to my urge to focus mainly on food storage. Buying food is more fun for me than many of the other survival categories. What can I say? I like to cook and eat. :) We'll get around to all areas eventually.


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  2. It's just so FUN to purchase food! I love walking into my pantry and seeing the bounty. Now that a cash budget is in full effect, it's such a relief to have the end-of-month security that our food storage provides.