Sunday, September 12, 2010

Does Amelia Bedelia work at Emergency Essentials?

I drove Hubby Dear's vehicle when I went shopping this week. As I was loading my groceries into the vehicle, I noticed this inside his car kit:

This Aqua Literz had somehow leaked out all of its water, drenching the contents of the car kit. A couple of items were ruined, but for the most part everything survived. The strange thing was that the container wasn't opened and hadn't been ripped, torn, shredded or otherwise mutilated.

I had just received a large supply of Aqua Literz to put in my vehicle and I wanted to make sure that that the same thing wouldn't happen again. So I shot off an email to Emergency Essentials:

"I purchased one of your Aqua Literz for my husband's vehicle kit in May. I stored it in a plastic container along with the other items of the kit. I was dismayed to open up the kit yesterday and find that the Aqua Literz had exploded and ruined a couple of the items in the kit.

Are Aqua Literz and Aqua Blox truly OK for car kits as advertised?"

I received (promptly I might add) the following reply:

"Thanks for your email. I am so sorry to hear of any damages or complications. I have never heard of the Aqua Blox or Literz exploding. They only contain water which is not combustible. In our experience, the only way they would break, leak or damage is if they are not secured in the trunk of the car and thus thrown around until they are damaged. Sincerely, Scotty"

This cracked me up. "Scotty" is either extremely literal or has a wicked sense of humor. In fact it reminded me of something Amelia Bedelia would write.

Instead of describing the Aqua Literz as exploding, I guess should have said, "oozed out its contents in a manner that cannot be determined". I probably also should have mentioned that the Aqua Literz had been very carefully packed in a hard plastic container. Oh well.

There are two lessons to be learned from this episode:
  1. Be very careful and specific with your word choice!
And more importantly

   2.  Check your inventory periodically to make sure it is in good condition and ready
        to go. I'd rather find out about this problem now rather than when Hubby Dear
        needs to use his car kit.

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