Monday, October 18, 2010

Quick Tip: One item that doesn't need O2 Absorbers

I bought a 50 pound bag of sugar at Sam's this weekend. Unfortunately I ended up bringing less than 50 pounds home as the bag sprung a leak in the middle of the Sam's Club parking lot.

I packed the sugar in a mylar bag and food-grade plastic bucket, much like I described in my post on long-term storage. There is one major difference in how I packaged it - no oxygen absorbers. If you put oxygen absorbers in with your sugar, it will turn hard as a rock and you'll need a chisel to get it out later.

By the way, I managed to get about 44 pounds in my 6 gallon bucket. The remainder is in my pantry for my current use. I'm awaiting my order of Snapware to store all my dry goods in my pantry.

So when it comes to sugar, leave out the O2 absorbers and you can keep the hammer and chisel in the garage where it belongs.


  1. Thanks for this post Emily.

  2. Oh dear!!!

    I packed up a bunch of wheat, beans, and sugar on the same day. I *hope* that I didn't accidentally put absorbers into my sugar!!!