Monday, February 14, 2011

Cloth Pads, Take One

Whew... I worked for about three hours last night on my first sewing project.

I used the material suggestions from Feminine Essence  (quilting flannel top layer, terry cloth inner layers, and fleece for a semi-waterproof bottom layer) and the basic pattern and instructions from  I enlarged the pattern with my printer so that it was both longer and wider, cut my fabric, and got to work.

I encountered a lot of problems. First, there's the issue of threading the machine. Can you see how many doodads and whosits I have to put the thread through?

It's like playing a miniature game of cat's cradle every time you thread the needle.

And then when I was sewing, the thread kept coming out of the needle. I'd be happily sewing along and accomplishing exactly nothing. Or I'd forget to lower the presser foot and even more nothing would occur.

Next, this happened:

I don't even know how I did that. I pulled the whole tangled mess apart and tried again.

Why wouldn't it sew properly with the thread like that? LOL!

Finally I managed to sew my layers of terry cloth together and then sew them onto the flannel layer. You can see that I had some issues maintaining a 1/4" seam allowance when I sewed the flannel top layer to the fleece bottom layer. Look at that top wing! Mini Me lurched out of her bedroom and told me she was going to vomit when I was sewing that part. Thankfully she didn't, but it was a little distracting!

The end result was a pad that looked more like a baby-sized potholder or a strange puppet.

"Hi! My name is Flo..."

So I pulled it apart (again) and redid it.

Much better the second time through! Not perfect, but functional.

I still have to set the snaps, but I think this will be a useable product for light flow days. In general, I would like the pad to be longer, so I will have to enlarge the pattern for my subsequent efforts. I used two layers of terry cloth and I think I'll try and add a third so for an overnight-type pad.

I'll keep y'all  posted about the rest of my adventure. :)


  1. Wow. All stuff I did. You're doing fine!! How much you're learning too. If you're merrily sewing along and you realize you don't have any thread, try pulling out an extra long piece the next time you cut it. Sometimes when it's too short, when it starts to roll, it just pulls itself right out. I try to leave at least 8 inches. Keep up the laughing, investigative attitude- it will get you through all this part. And invest in some chapstick- I couldn't figure out why my lips got chapped every time I quilted, until I realized I was sticking my tongue out like a toddler when I concentrated!!

  2. Mama4x - I'm glad I'm not alone in the sewing mishaps department. That makes me feel much better! I stopped by your blog this morning and you've been a busy lady.

  3. I loved the puppet! It took me a minute to get it...Flo! Then I couldn't stop giggling and woke up my hubs! Thanks for making my night!

  4. "Hi, my name is Flo"

    That was hysterical! Laugh out loud funny!

  5. I finally wrote the post about the menstrual cups so here's the link:

    Have later versions of your pads turned out even better?