Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Mainstream Media Wakes Up

My third child, Sweetie Pie, has a mild obsession with Brian Williams, thus we always watch the NBC Nightly News at our house. Today they presented a story about sharply rising food costs across the globe. Wow, finally a mainstream news source saying something that preparedness-minded folks have been warning about for a while.

Food costs reach crisis proportions

It sure makes me glad we're building our food storage!


  1. I dunno, part of me liked it when I was ahead of the curve!

  2. Talk here about that too, especially since the floods and cylcone. Farmers have it hard enough without getting wiped out in natural disasters.

    Though they do talk about it every now and then, usually with jsut a small article.

    There is now a lot of talk about growing your own veges now, to prepare for the shortages, definitely ahead there :D