Thursday, February 24, 2011

Month Nine in Review and Month Ten Prepping Plan

It's been a very productive month here at the Harried Homemaker Acres. I'm very pleased with what Hubby Dear and I have accomplished.

In Month Nine....
  1. I got a FoodSaver and used it to vacuum seal dry goods like nuts and chocolate as well as meat for the freezer. I'm very happy with my purchase and I'll keep you posted about just how long it extends the shelf life of my stored foods.
  2. I made a first aid stockpile plan and purchased quite a few items on the list.
  3. I'm learning how to sew using the antique sewing machine that was gifted to us. My first sewing project - cloth pads - is coming along very slowly. I definitely am an inept seamstress, but I'll keep plugging away at it. I'll let you know how my handcrafted feminine items work after they get put through their paces.
  4. I bought some more food storage items, including dry milk, snack foods (Nutella!), and miscellaneous canned goods. I also canned more ground beef and chicken.
  5. Hubby Dear and I did some work outside in the garden in preparation for the spring planting season. We made our seed and berry orders and we'll be ready to go next month. I hope. We still have a lot of Mel's Mix to prepare and garden boxes to fill and we're going to get blasted with up to 6" of snow.
  6. Most of our seeds and some new garden goodies arrived today
    6. I finally got a shelf for the top of my Shelf Reliance Harvest 72" can organizer. One of my fabulous readers pointed out to me that Shelf Reliance actually does sell a top shelf (separately) for their food storage systems. I decided not to add to Hubby Dear's workload by having him make one and just ordered it. It cost $26.48 (ordered through a consultant, including shipping) and it will support up to 150 lbs.
The gray metal grid on top is the new shelf. It is sturdy and will be very useful.
In Month Ten:

  1. I'm going to add to my EDC, which stands for Everyday Carry. These are survival items you carry with you everywhere. I'm going to add some things to my keychain and purse to help me be prepared for a wide variety of situations.
  2. The majority of my prepping budget is going to be spent on food storage. In fact, the news articles about the looming food shortage/inflation problem that I've shown Hubby Dear have convinced him that we need to build our food storage more quickly. He thinks we should double our monthly prepping budget for next month and spend it all on food storage. Is he becoming a prepper or is he just trying to shut me up? ;0) I'm thinking our purchases through carefully so that I spend this money wisely. I'll definitely keep you all know what I end up buying.
  3. We need to finish putting soil into our garden beds and begin planting at the end of the month. Our strawberry plants should arrive in late March and we'll also plant peas, potatoes, and lettuce around that time.
  4. Hopefully, I'll finish my cloth pad project.

What have you done to prepare recently? What preps do you have in store for the next month?


  1. We are also going to double our food buying this month. The news of shortages and price increases have me worried. I wish we had started prepping a year or two ago!

  2. Me three! I am spending way more at costco and trying to plug every hole I find in our pantry with 2-3x. I'm going to my local LDS storehouse this weekend to get some wheat and I noticed (online)their prices went up. The older male LDS member that mans the storehouse told me, essentially, that if TSHTF they won't sell to non-LDS anymore, and I hope I can still go buy there. I got 125 # of beans and 25 # of sprouts from Azure Standard. If they deliver near you, I would def. start with them. I was excited to find 25# bags of LOTS of kinds of beans. I splurged and got 12 26 oz bags of sea salt too, so I should never need more!

  3. Mama4x - Is there an easy way of figuring out if Azure Standard delivers in my area? I tried looking around their website, but couldn't really find any specific info.

  4. We're upping our food storage this month and next, as well. Just placed an order with Emergency Essentials yesterday. I thought the big order in January would be enough for a few months - but I'm skittish. I'm going to do a big costco run next weekend, too. Keep us posted on what you get. I'm always curious to see the reaction of others compared to mine. I am aiming for more beans and canned veggies.

  5. Glad you got (and are happy with) your top shelf! I'm very excited to see what you put in your EDC...what a great idea to include items that will help you in an emergency. While I've got a great 72 hr kit and plenty of food storage, I think all I've got in my purse are some band aids...

  6. Like you, I'm quite concerned about increasing our food storage. After watching prices at our local LDS storehouse increase TWICE in January, we got some more wheat and oats.

    Meanwhile, I'm battling the ever-present GAS. (Ummmmm ... that's Garden Apathy Syndrome!) :-)