Friday, June 3, 2011

No inflation here! (Cough)

How much will this buy in 2011?
Every few months I add to our supply of dry milk by ordering a case of it from Walton Feed. The last time I bought it was in March, during our Food Storage Blitz Month. It cost $78.92, including shipping.

I bought another case of it today and had an unpleasant shock. 

My total this time was $95.05.

I checked various online food storage vendors and found that Walton Feed is still the best deal for me, even with the $16 jump in prices. (Check out this post if you want to know how I came to that conclusion.)

I'm sure this has nothing to do with inflation. Uncle Sam has been telling us that there is no inflation and the government is never wrong. And it probably has nothing to do with people deciding that things in our country are going down the tubes and that they should stock up on food storage.

Nope. I'm probably imagining the whole thing. I'd better check my Quicken account for errors. (Massive eyeroll.)

Have you noticed inflation in your neck of the woods? Is it affecting your family's preparedness efforts?


  1. Oatmeal doubled in price here for a 25lb bag from December to January. It then went up again in April.


  2. Brandy - Wowza! That's painful! BTW, I LOVE your website. You are a total inspiration. :)