Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Food Storage Blitz Month, Part Four

Another case of dry milk

I got yet another case of powdered milk from Walton Feed. I ordered it on February 28th and it just arrived yesterday. I guess the food storage companies are still really backed up with orders.

Click here if you haven't read my post on powdered milk. This post from Survival Blog mentions how important powdered milk is to have on hand during a nuclear crisis. Again, I'm not too worried about radiation from Japan making it over the US, but it goes to show how essential dry milk is to have as part of your food storage.

Stay tuned for a new food storage-friendly recipe coming soon!


  1. Wow - what a long delay! I have noticed that many, many sites are currently sold out of eggs. I keep trying to convince my DH that is a *sign* that we need chickens ;-)

  2. I ordered a pound of dehydrated butter from them a few weeks ago and they just charged my card. Guess I shouldn't be looking for it in the mail anytime soon.
    Preparedness Pro just wrote an article on her fave kinds of powdered milk, FYI.
    I need to get more chickens. One of my hens is a hen-pecker and has stressed out my other hens so much that production is way off. I threw her out of the coop and she's a forager now. Hopefully the rest will cheer up and calm down and resume my egg production!!

  3. I think the shortage of eggs is due to the USDA re-inspecting/tightening regulations after the whole tainted egg incident of last year. I want chickens, too, but I need my kids to grow up a bit.

  4. I would suggest that when you make a purchase of food that you write the date it was purchased unless Food Truck Finder