Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Month Four Prep: Me

She awakens early in the morning to the frantic cries of her offspring. Her babies are hungry and whine at their mother to feed them. To judge from the amount of blubber on her frame, winter must be swiftly approaching. Her hide bears the marks of having born numerous children. She lurches to her feet and waddles away to get breakfast for her babies.

No, that's not a transcript from a nature program. That's a description of an average morning at the Harried Homemaker Acres.

Needless to say, one of my preps this month is to start exercising three times a week.

Five years ago, I was nine months pregnant with Mini Me and even so, I was able complete a rigorous aerobics class. Four years ago, I was extremely fit and the lightest I have ever been in my adult life. Since then, life has been hard on my body.

All the survival gear in the world is useless if you don't have the capability to use it. In my current state of fitness, a SHTF or even minor emergency situation could severely test me.

I have a dedicated exercise room that has been gathering dust. I'm going to hit the treadmill, do an exercise video or lift some weights at least three times a week. I'll increase my cardiovascular capacity, regain some of my lost strength and improve my overall health.

This is one prep I know won't go to waste.

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  1. Good! For! You!
    I'll look forward to updates about this new regime (and, hopefully, I'll be inspired enough to do the same for myself)!