Friday, August 6, 2010

To wheat or not to wheat?

I was all prepared to make my final Month Three Prep purchases this morning when I was made aware of the craziness in the world wheat market. I was watching HLN, which I refer to as the junkfood of the TV news biz. You know, full of fluff, light on substance. They reported that the Russian government is halting wheat exports, which set off a giant price increase in wheat prices. They are predicting wheat to continue it's upward trend. Famine could be a possibility in third-world countries like Egypt that depend on cheap wheat to survive.

Then I got on The Survival Blog and JWR said: "I predict this will start a chain reaction, around the globe. Other nations are sure to follow suit with export restrictions, and futures prices will soar. We can expect food riots in the future. There is also some likely inflation in other grain prices, as cattle feed is shifted slightly, to compensate. Get your wheat orders in with a trustworthy vendor pronto, before the inevitable prices increases hit the retail level! Wheat prices could double again, before December."

I about choked on my Cheerios when I read that.

My prepping plan went out the window and I decided to spend the remainder of my budget this month on wheat. Unfortunately I had already spent half of my money on sheltering-in-place supplies and a trip to Sam's Club.  I envy the people who live close to LDS canneries. You can get wheat very cheaply there if you are Mormon, have a Mormon friend who will go with you, or they let you in. 

The best buy that I have found for me is to order through Emergency Essentials. I had enough money remaining to buy 4-6 gallon "SuperPails" and 4-#10 cans of hard white wheat. If I had food grade plastic buckets and mylar bags on hand, it would have been cheaper to just order bags of wheat from Honeyville Grains. When I need to refill these buckets, that is what I'll probably do. Yes, I do plan on using my wheat regularly. Once I get it and get a grain mill, that is!

I hate deviating from my plan. Knee-jerk reactions are often not my best decisions. In this case, however, I was planning on buy some wheat in the next few months. This may save me some money and insure that the product I want is available.

Now I have to decide whether to get back on my prepping plan next month or to go ahead and buy more wheat. I need to buy 473 more pounds in order to have a year's supply for my family. I refuse to be at the mercy of inflation, food shortages and a world gone crazy.

Here are some links I got from the Survival Blog for further reading on the subject of the wheat market:


  1. I just bought a wheat grinder last month (the Nutrimill). My family made the switch to 100% whole wheat bread and tortillas with *no* complaints at all! In fact, we have completely eliminated the need to purchase store-bought bread!

    We went on Saturday to get wheat at the local LDS storehouse ... and there were only *4* bags left in the entire place!

    Meanwhile, I have been reading waaaaaay too much about the wheat crisis these days. Scary stuff!

  2. How are you liking the Nutrimill? I have been thinking about getting a Wondermill. I'll probably be buying both hand-crank and electric models. So much to save up for!

  3. I'm worried about that Russian wheat situation, too. Fortunately, wheat is still quite inexpensive here and so versatile. Do you live anywhere near a Honeyville retail store? If so, you just can't beat their prices. Well, maybe you can if you're a wheat farmer, or live next door to a wheat farmer, or are related to a wheat farmer, but other than that!, their prices are dirt cheap.

  4. I wish I lived near a Honeyville store! You gals in the west have all the luck. We're thinking of taking a vacation next year to NM, AZ and maybe UT. I'm going to try and persuade the hubby to rent a trailer to haul behind to ol' mini-van and fill it with prepping goodies.