Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Month Four Preps

I keep going back and forth on what I want to buy in the next month. All the economic indicators point to a very long road before we get to real recovery. I'm worried about inflation, which means that I want to buy as much food as I can. It's almost feeling like a Sophie's Choice deciding which items to buy! (Yes, I can be overly dramatic. Why do you ask?)

These are the preps I have lined up for month four of my prepping plan:
  1. More $ for BOBs. Add $ to our vehicle kits.
  2. The items I postponed buying from Month Three: butane refills for my Zippo lighter, the remainder of the items for my van's vehicle kit.
  3. Buckets, mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, etc. so that I can package bulk amounts of flour, beans and rice.
And something a bit different:

   4.   Exercise at least 3 times per week.

This last one may be the toughest one of all. Ack!


  1. Exercise?!?! I much prefer buying food in bulk ;-)

    Since we're nearing the month's end, I'm trying to figure out next month's shopping plan. I'm thinking I want to add more to our 72-hour kits ... and get a few more pantry staples (powdered eggs, etc.).

  2. I prefer buying food in bulk, too. That would be why I need to exercise! ;)