Sunday, March 27, 2011

Food Storage Blitz Month, Part Four and Month End Results

My Shelf Reliance unit has filled up a lot since this photo was taken
Sorry, I don't have a photo of the remaining items I bought for Food Storage Blitz Month. Every time I went to the grocery store, I bought a few extra items based on what was on sale and what I had coupons for. I never remembered to take pictures of my haul before I had them put away.

I bought:

- Several boxes of cereal
- Lots of canned soup
- Canned mushrooms. This is not something we usually buy, but there was such a good deal on them I couldn't resist.
-Refried beans
-Spaghetti sauce
-A few bags of 15 bean soup mix
-Tomato sauce

So, at the end of our Food Storage Blitz Month, where are we?
  • Our Three Month Supply is much closer to being complete. I still need to fill in some items, but we made a huge jump forward this month.
  • In terms of long term storage, we have:
        - 957 lb of grains, consisting of wheat, flour, oats, rice, and pasta.
        - 148 lb of legumes, not counting the canned beans (approx. 50 cans) I have stored.
        - About a 6 month supply of miscellaneous fats.
        - 150 lb of sugars.
        - 84 lb dry milk, 20 cans of evaporated milk and 10 lb dry eggs

All told, when you combine our three month supply with our long term items, we have 245.79 days of food storage for our family of six, according to the Food Storage Analyzer. Not too shabby!

Our goal is to have a full year's supply of food storage, so we still have a ways to go. The Food Storage Analyzer revealed that our storage is low in Vitamins A &C, so I need to remedy that, as well. Dried fruits and vegetables, legumes, and oils are my priority for the next few months.

There you have it! I hope you have been able to add to your food storage over the past month. What have you added to your storage lately?


  1. I have added 50# of rice, 100# of wheat, 12# pasta and some shorter term items as in coffee, pb, etc. According to the food analyzer we now have 180 days but I dont think we do really. Some of the things I have been adding lately arent food, campfire dutch oven, headlamps, etc.

  2. Wow, thanks for linking to that food storage analyzer. It looks so helpful. Before I dive into it though, I wonder- does it work for keeping track of your own home canned foods? I notice in the samples that it shows all store bought stuff in smaller jars & buckets, etc. For those of us that buy in huge bags of bulk (beans, rice, wheat, etc) and also can a large number of all sorts of foods, do you think the food storage analyzer would work for me?

    Thanks so much for posting about it!


  3. When I hit the one-year food storage mark I started to collect one year of silver. I read that the average family could feed itself off of 3 oz of silverper week no matter what prices were. So that's what I am working on, 156 oz. whew.

  4. Kandi - WTG with your prepping additions!

    Aubrey -

    It does have a category for grocery store items(ie. canned green beans, tuna, etc.) and you can put in the amount of beans, rice, etc. by weight, so that's no problem. You can even add your own items. The only problem is that you'd need to have an idea of the calories and nutrition info of your home-canned products. I'm inputing my home-canned green beans, applesauce, etc. as if I bought them from the grocery store, but I haven't figured out the best way to do it for the remainder of my canned goods. Even so, it's definitely worth your time.

    Mama4x - Interesting. We haven't started investing in precious metals yet, but we plan to.

  5. Look at you go!

    I added a bunch of canned tomatoes and fruit from CostCo ... as well as some more TP. I continued grinding wheat to bake our bread ... and added homemade tortillas and whole wheat bagels to our repertoire.

    I'm planning a big pre-canned purchase from the LDS storehouse soon, so I'm saving my pennies. Based on the comment from mama4x, I think I'd better save my nickles, too ;-)