Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meet My New Favorite Garden Gadget

Hubby Dear and I worked our tails off in the garden this weekend. The weather is lovely and we'll be planting in just a couple of days. I'm so excited for the upcoming garden season!

I wanted to share a handy gadget that is perfect for my fellow gardeners. It is so simple, yet extremely useful. Meet the Weather Watch.

It indicates both wind direction and wind speed. You can even figure out the wind chill by using the chart printed right on it. It has a thermometer, rain gauge and a marker that you can use to keep track of the total amount of rain you have received. We bought thiselectronic rain gauge at a local farm supply store and if it wasn't getting clogged with grass clippings, spiders jammed it up with webs. It stopped working altogether after one season. This is an instance where low-tech works much better! 

If you homeschool your children like I do, this is also a great educational tool. We are currently using RSO Earth and Space Science and there's a whole section on weather observation. Bingo! Some children just got some "homework".

We bought our Weather Watch from Lehman's, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to shop. I highly recommend it for the meteorologist in you!

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