Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Food Storage Blitz Month, Part Two

Here's the next installment of our Food Storage Blitz - a run to Sam's Club.

I bought 150 lb of rice, 50 lb of sugar and another 50 of flour. I'll be storing them in buckets like I described in this post.

I bought a few more long term storage-type items at Sam's, but also some comfort foods for our three month supply.

Canned fruit, fruit snacks (hey, I've got four kids), Carnation Instant Breakfast, granola bars, maple syrup, honey, sliced almonds, chili powder, brown sugar and chocolate chips. The almonds, brown sugar, and chocolate chips will get put into canning jars and vacuum sealed.

Chicken and beef bouillon, pudding cups, a wedge of Parmesan cheese, 12 lb spaghetti, 12 lb macaroni, and 6 lb penne. I also bought a couple of jars of my favorite salsa and one of bread and butter jalapenos. I hope to can my own versions of those this summer.

Part III of Food Storage Blitz Month coming soon.

What are you stocking up on?


  1. I just got 25# each kidney beans, lentils, lima, split peas, and garbanzos! Also I got some sprouting seeds.

  2. I've been focusing on foods that have a very long shelf life. I recently placed a large order for Thrive products, mostly fruits, veggies and staples. I'm saving money for an All American Pressure Canner, so we can have real meat in our food store. Thanks for sharing your progress!

  3. Hooray! These sacks of food make me so happy for you!

    I just organized a Group Order with some friends at Emergency Essentials for the powdered eggs deal. Since shipping will be free, I'm sure I'll be able to find one or two more things to order :-)

    Meanwhile, I'm keeping up with rotating our 3-month supply while slowly adding more sugar (25#) and wheat (25#) to our existing stash.

  4. You inspired me to go pick up a few bags of rice at Costco and I bought the great special on THRIVE fruits this month: 14 cans (11 of them freeze dried) for just $224. I'm also planning on buying a case of milk. With the recent scare from Japan I realized I have NO WHERE near enough milk. Milk is a HUGE comfort food for my kiddos!